The scammers moved the Bitcoin coins stacked

The scammers moved the Bitcoin coins stacked. Scheme of Bitcoin?

Cryptographic exchanges are repeatedly the victims of hackers and lose millions in Bitcoin and other cryptographic currencies. This is also the case with the Bitfinex Exchange, which lost about 119,756 BTC in 2016 in a hacker attack.

Bitcoin the Bitfinex hacker on the move

For a long time, the stolen Bitcoins were not moved. But since the price of the Bitcoin Up yesterday broke the $19,000 mark again, Whale Alert has seen some movement.

Movements of crazy hacked Bitfinex funds being dripped into @whale_alert… 👀

– Jacob Canfield (@JacobCanfield) 30 November 2020

A total of 5045.8 BTC were transferred to other portfolios yesterday. The hacker did not send the Bitcoins at once, but in 14 transactions.

The current value of yesterday’s transactions is about $100 million. The smallest Bitcoin transaction was BTC 261.24, while the largest was BTC 469.89.

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In total, the loot is worth $2.3 billion

Also in August, Bitfinex offered a $400 million reward for the stolen BTC. But the hackers apparently did not get involved in the deal.

Interestingly, the stolen Bitcoin was worth the equivalent of $72 million in 2016 when the hack took place at Bitfinex.

Due to the parabolic increase in the price of Bitcoin, the stolen sum experienced a huge increase in value. Meanwhile, the loot is worth about $2.3 billion. No wonder Bitfinex decided to offer such a high reward.

The Bitfinex hack will surely go down in Bitcoin history. Along with the Mt. Gox and CoinCheck bags, this is the largest amount of stolen BTC.

No Bitcoin price dumping expected

Although there have been several successful hacker attacks in recent years, never again have so many Bitcoins been stolen from a cryptographic exchange. One possible reason for this is the preventive measures taken by the various suppliers.

In early November, CipherTrace published that cryptographic crime is declining in 2020. However, thefts in Cryptospace have exceeded the $17 billion mark since 2011. However, most of this is not due to stock market pyramids, but to pyramid schemes like OneCoin or PlusToken.

Bitcoins in the Bitfinex hack are known in all major exchanges and cannot be paid for easily. Therefore, a strong sale is not currently expected. However, these BTCs will find their way to the market at some point.

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Instructions: Buying and Selling Request Network Tokens

Instructions: Buying and Selling Request Network Tokens (REQ)
By Patrik Eberle – February 25, 20180
Manual REQ Token buy and sell

You want to buy and sell Request Network Token? This guide will help you to buy or sell Request Network tokens.

Table of Contents
Register with Binance
Verify with Binance (not)
No crypto currencies yet?
Deposit crypto currencies at Binance
Buy on Binance Request Network Token
Sell on Binance Request Network Token
Wallet for Request Network Token | Transfer Request Network Token to your own Wallet
Register with Binance
First visit the website* and click on the menu item „Register“ (Figure 1). On the following page you must first enter your e-mail address and a secure password for logging in. You will then receive an email verification link to confirm your account.

Figure 1 – Bicoin Code Menu

After successful registration you have to login to Binance. After you have clicked on the  Bitcoin Code menu item „Login“, a kind of puzzle appears, where you have to insert the missing piece of the puzzle with the help of the slider (Figure 2 – Spam protection). After we have inserted the missing piece of the puzzle, we get to the start screen.

Figure 2

Verify with Binance (not)
Binance* is one of the few exchanges that does not require complete verification. However, you cannot deposit Fiat currencies such as Euro, CHF or Dollar. You can only deposit crypto currencies.


After registration you will have level 1 status. Level 1 status means that you can withdraw coins with a maximum value of 2 bitcoins per day. If you wish to increase your daily withdrawal limit to 100 Bitcoins, you must provide your personal information. The front and back of your identity card and a selfie with your identity card in your hand are required.

No crypto currencies yet?
You cannot deposit FIAT currencies (EUR, CHF) at Binance. Therefore you need crypto currencies, which you can deposit. If you do not yet have any crypto currencies, you have the following options:

You can find a complete overview and reviews of stock exchanges at

Exchange Office Bitpanda

A step-by-step guide to the Bitpanda exchange office can be found here.


A step by step guide to Coinbase can be found here.


Buy instructions with PayPal

Deposit crypto currencies at Binance
To make a deposit, click on „Medium“ in the Binance menu and on „Deposit“ in the drop-down menu. Now you have to choose which coin you want to deposit (Figure 3).

After your coins arrive  at Bitcoin Profit

Select the crypto currency you would like to deposit and have the deposit address displayed. You can now deposit your digital currency into these (see Figure 4). In this Bitcoin Profit Tutorial I will deposit the digital currency Ether.

Figure 4
Buy on Binance Request Network Token
After your coins arrive at Binance, you can start buying Request Network tokens. To do this, click on the „Stock Exchange“ menu item and then select the „Traiding Pair“. You can directly exchange Request Network tokens for the following crypto currencies:

If you have not deposited any of the top currencies, you must first exchange your deposited currency for one of the top coins to purchase Request Network Tokens.

To buy Request Network Token now, you must first enter the desired quantity in „Buy REQ“ (Figure 5). You can set the price per REQ here. If you do not do this, the market price will be used.

After you have set the quantity and price, all you have to do is click on „Buy REQ“. After a few seconds you should receive a confirmation for the purchase. The Request Network tokens you just bought can be found in your Binance online wallet after your purchase.

Sell on Binance Request Network Token
To sell Request Network tokens on Binance, you must first deposit them into Binance (see Figure 3). As soon as the deposit has been credited, you can sell your coins on the exchange (under „Exchange“) for the offered crypto currencies.

Wallet for Request Network Token | Transfer Request Network Token to your own Wallet
You should always transfer digital currencies to your own wallet. Stock market hacks are not uncommon with crypto currencies. Therefore use your own and secure wallet.

To withdraw Request Network Token, click on the menu item „Medium > Withdraw“. Then select your coin, enter your withdrawal address and the desired quantity below and click on „Send“.