Software & Ethereum Mining Guide

When the hardware is ready, the right software has to be installed. Mining is possible with both Windows and Linux. Linux even offers the operating system EthOs, which is specially designed for Ethereum Mining. However, it costs. No matter which operating system is used, first you need the program Geth from the Etherum website and an Ethereum Wallet, because after all the dug Ethereum tokens have to go somewhere. The program Geth is a client and establishes the contact to the blockchain. Then the program Eth-Miner has to be installed.

Ethereum Mining Guide To install Eth-Miner correctly, you have to deal with the command line. The input „geth -help“ can give valuable hints in case of doubt. For the installation you have to create an account. To do this, enter the command „geth account new“. After entering the password, the blockchain synchronizes itself with the computer. With the command „geth -rpc -syncmode=fast -cache=1024 console“ the program downloads only the header of the blockchain, not the whole chain. This is much faster.

What are the differences between Ethereum code and Bitcoin Mining?

Bitcoin Mining uses ASIC’s first and foremost This is special hardware for mining, the abbreviation stands for Application Specific Integrated Circuits. This is particularly powerful and Bitcoin’s mining can no longer be mastered in any other way. The requirements to mine Bitcoin are much higher than with Ethereum, which is why the hardware costs a lot more. With Ethereum’s GPU Mining, getting started is a bit easier. Nevertheless, you usually need an Ethereum Mining Pool or a Cloud to make the purchase of the hardware worthwhile.

Ethereum Mining – Cloud Mining or Bitcoin revolution?

If the costs for mining are still too high, then you should join forces with other computers like This distributes the load among each other. There are two options for this: cloud & pool mining. On Etherchain there is a list of current pools, the biggest one at the moment is Ethermine. The pool has the advantage that the hashrate of all participants is bundled, which increases the probability for a successfully excavated block. The yields are thus more even, but on the other hand you share them with the others.

For most people who can’t afford multiple GPUs, pool mining is the only way to earn money as a miner. If there is a lack of hardware, cloud mining is the best option. External service providers make the hardware available. For a fee they mine the hardware for an ethereum. The proceeds are then paid out to the wallet at regular intervals.


Ethereum Mining is a slightly cheaper alternative to Bitcoin Mining. With several graphics cards, a mining pool or the cloud you can mine Ethereum on the side. Thus the interested person can build up a passive income. Whether it pays off, you can find out with an Ethereum Mining Calculator.

Investor: Bitcoin moves towards new highs

As the price of Bitcoin exceeded $8,000, sentiment in the crypto currency market has improved with regard to the medium-term trend, despite the recent setback that the Winklevoss brothers‘ Bitcoin ETF was rejected.

The Bitcoin Code Low Might Already Be In

Recently it became known that Mastercard has secured a patent for linking bank accounts and crypto currencies. Tom Lee, Fundstrat analyst, interpreted this as a bullish sign.

„I think something like the MasterCard messages are positive because they confirm the idea that digital money or blockchain-based money is a valid form of transaction.“

Spencer Bogart, a partner of venture capital firm Blockchain Capital, recently appeared at CNBC Fast Money to counter the positive sentiment surrounding the MasterCard news and stressed that there are other reasons why Bitcoin will continue to rise. Bogart, who spoke about the Mastercard patent, rather smiled at the news by saying the following:

„I think you’re doomed to failure if you think that IP and patents pave the way for success for Bitcoin Code for crypto currencies….. Look, I think that any of the incumbent operators will have a hard time in this room. It’s very difficult, it’s a dynamic space to focus on…

In line with industry leaders, Bogart spoke about Bitcoin’s recent rise and noted that he sees further signs of positive development.

„It is possible that we have seen the lows, (but) I definitely expect new highs. I mean, I think the previous times I was on the show, I said I’d expect new lows before new highs, but that low may already be reached.“

Bogart then quoted catalysts that could give Bitcoin a higher priority, namely global trade and currency wars and the forthcoming decision of the Bitcoin ETF.

Enthusiastic about the Bitcoin Profit

Spencer Bogart emphasized the importance of a SEC-approved Bitcoin ETF and that almost every crypto-enthusiast counts „tea leaves“ in the SEC’s judgment. The industry leader, who himself made a „tea leaf prediction,“ said he was seeking publication for the first crypto ETF in 2019 and expects regulators to take some time to reach a final verdict.

Like many ETF pessimists, it is likely that the SEC will cite consumer protection laws and detention issues as the main reasons for delaying Bitcoin Profit or rejecting an ETF supported by Bitcoin.

Nevertheless, Bogart explained that private and institutional investors are already entering the crypto industry through platforms such as Coinbase, which means that rejection by the SEC would be unjustified and unfounded due to the consumer risk.

Exponential growth: Bitcoin Exchanges with 100000 new users per day

Bitcoin Exchanges | The main trading platforms for bitcoin and crypto currency on the global market add more than 100,000 new users per day. Many of the leading crypto currency exchanges such as Coinbase (GDAX), Binanance, Bittrex, Bitstamp and Kraken had to struggle with the abrupt demand for crypto currencies. Some exchanges have revised their systems to improve their scalability, while others have temporarily suspended the opening of new user accounts.
Bitcoin Exchanges with unexpected growth rate
This week, Changpeng Zhao, founder and CEO of BINANCE, the largest crypto currency market in the global market with an amazing $9.5 billion in daily trading, found that his platform added more than 250,000 users in a single day.

„I’m sorry, existing members have a higher priority at this point. Our team works around the clock. Both technology and support. There is simply too much demand. 250,000 new users have been added in the last 24 hours,“ said Zhao, referring to the company’s official statement.

On January 4, Binance said, „Due to the overwhelming increase in popularity, Binance needs to temporarily disable the registration of new users in order to upgrade its infrastructure. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. ”

The Bitcoin Profit development team

In December, both Kraken and Coinbase provided a significant portion of their resources and capital to improve customer service and review and scalability Bitcoin Profit of their platforms. On December 23, Kraken announced that it has implemented major system upgrades and performance improvements and will continue to develop its trading platform to support new users.

The Kraken development team admitted that its current infrastructure was „degraded and unreliable“ and decided to improve it in January. The company said:

We have made significant progress over the past week with the system upgrades and achieved a moderate increase in performance. Unfortunately, we were not able to perform all upgrades and the most effective measures are still to come. For the time being, our systems should still be considered degraded and unreliable.

Regional exchanges such as South Korean Bithumb, the world’s second largest crypto currency exchange in terms of daily trading volume, have also stopped adding new users.

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Why do big Bitcoin Exchanges fight?

At the end of 2017, South Korea’s third largest crypto currency exchange Korbit was acquired at a price of $140 million from a $10 billion gaming giant in Nexon. Given the size and market value of Korbit, large exchanges such as Bithumb, Bitstamp, Kraken and Binance could be worth more than $1 billion, as Coinbase was valued at $1.6 billion in its latest financing round.

Even with such a high market valuation, high profit margins and many resources, the crypto currency exchanges have difficulties satisfying the exponentially increasing demand of investors. The reason for this is the government’s directive, which forces companies to precisely identify their customers using the KYC procedure.

Every new user must be approved and checked manually. Failure to do so could result in heavy fines and legal proceedings for the Bitcoin Exchanges. Consequently, the user review process is rigorous and requires considerable effort on the part of the employees of the exchanges.

Given that the Bitcoin Exchanges add more than 100,000 users daily, the exchanges are also likely to receive more than one million trading account approval requests per month.

This means that if the account approval process takes approximately 10 minutes per account, 166,666 hours must be manually applied by employees on a monthly basis.

Instructions: Buying and Selling Request Network Tokens

Instructions: Buying and Selling Request Network Tokens (REQ)
By Patrik Eberle – February 25, 20180
Manual REQ Token buy and sell

You want to buy and sell Request Network Token? This guide will help you to buy or sell Request Network tokens.

Table of Contents
Register with Binance
Verify with Binance (not)
No crypto currencies yet?
Deposit crypto currencies at Binance
Buy on Binance Request Network Token
Sell on Binance Request Network Token
Wallet for Request Network Token | Transfer Request Network Token to your own Wallet
Register with Binance
First visit the website* and click on the menu item „Register“ (Figure 1). On the following page you must first enter your e-mail address and a secure password for logging in. You will then receive an email verification link to confirm your account.

Figure 1 – Bicoin Code Menu

After successful registration you have to login to Binance. After you have clicked on the  Bitcoin Code menu item „Login“, a kind of puzzle appears, where you have to insert the missing piece of the puzzle with the help of the slider (Figure 2 – Spam protection). After we have inserted the missing piece of the puzzle, we get to the start screen.

Figure 2

Verify with Binance (not)
Binance* is one of the few exchanges that does not require complete verification. However, you cannot deposit Fiat currencies such as Euro, CHF or Dollar. You can only deposit crypto currencies.


After registration you will have level 1 status. Level 1 status means that you can withdraw coins with a maximum value of 2 bitcoins per day. If you wish to increase your daily withdrawal limit to 100 Bitcoins, you must provide your personal information. The front and back of your identity card and a selfie with your identity card in your hand are required.

No crypto currencies yet?
You cannot deposit FIAT currencies (EUR, CHF) at Binance. Therefore you need crypto currencies, which you can deposit. If you do not yet have any crypto currencies, you have the following options:

You can find a complete overview and reviews of stock exchanges at

Exchange Office Bitpanda

A step-by-step guide to the Bitpanda exchange office can be found here.


A step by step guide to Coinbase can be found here.


Buy instructions with PayPal

Deposit crypto currencies at Binance
To make a deposit, click on „Medium“ in the Binance menu and on „Deposit“ in the drop-down menu. Now you have to choose which coin you want to deposit (Figure 3).

After your coins arrive  at Bitcoin Profit

Select the crypto currency you would like to deposit and have the deposit address displayed. You can now deposit your digital currency into these (see Figure 4). In this Bitcoin Profit Tutorial I will deposit the digital currency Ether.

Figure 4
Buy on Binance Request Network Token
After your coins arrive at Binance, you can start buying Request Network tokens. To do this, click on the „Stock Exchange“ menu item and then select the „Traiding Pair“. You can directly exchange Request Network tokens for the following crypto currencies:

If you have not deposited any of the top currencies, you must first exchange your deposited currency for one of the top coins to purchase Request Network Tokens.

To buy Request Network Token now, you must first enter the desired quantity in „Buy REQ“ (Figure 5). You can set the price per REQ here. If you do not do this, the market price will be used.

After you have set the quantity and price, all you have to do is click on „Buy REQ“. After a few seconds you should receive a confirmation for the purchase. The Request Network tokens you just bought can be found in your Binance online wallet after your purchase.

Sell on Binance Request Network Token
To sell Request Network tokens on Binance, you must first deposit them into Binance (see Figure 3). As soon as the deposit has been credited, you can sell your coins on the exchange (under „Exchange“) for the offered crypto currencies.

Wallet for Request Network Token | Transfer Request Network Token to your own Wallet
You should always transfer digital currencies to your own wallet. Stock market hacks are not uncommon with crypto currencies. Therefore use your own and secure wallet.

To withdraw Request Network Token, click on the menu item „Medium > Withdraw“. Then select your coin, enter your withdrawal address and the desired quantity below and click on „Send“.

Ethereum Prize Highlights

The Ether price did not move above $545 and fell against the US dollar.
The main bullish trend line this week with support breached at $518 on the hourly chart
ETH is now well below $530 and the 100-hour SMA, which is a declining sign
Technical indicators Signals


The price once again tried to break the resistance at $545, but buyers could not use enough power to gain momentum. As a result, there was a bearish reaction and the price fell below $540 and $530. During the drop, the week’s main bullish trend line was breached, leaving the support level on the hourly chart at $518. ETH moved below the $530 mark and the 100 Hours SMA, confirming the strong sales pressure. If the price moves further down, it could break the support level at $508-510 and drop towards $500.

Ethereum Chart from TradingView

Ethereum price analysis with Bitcoin Code

Looking at the graph, the recent fall is a sign of resistance’s rejection at $545. That’s why the most important support level with Bitcoin Code today is $500. The MACD is now back in the declining zone. The RSI has reached the oversold zone, so the price may recover somewhat in the near future. The highest support level is $500, while the resistance is $530.

Ripple Price Highlights
The Ripple price could not gain momentum and broke support at $0.5400
Yesterday’s highlighted major upwards channel with support at $0.5350 on the hourly chart has been breached
XRP is back in a bearish zone and could move further towards $0.5150

Technical indicators Signals

Yesterday, the Ripple price tried to break the resistance of $0.5500. XRP could not move above $0.5500 and $0.5505, leading to a downward movement. The price went down and Bitcoin Code broke some important support zones . Ripple was even traded below $0.5350 support and 100 hours SMA. More importantly, however, the upwards channel was breached yesterday at $0.5350 on the hourly chart. The current price is below $0.5300 and the 100-hour SMA. XRP could continue to drop towards $0.5150.


Ripple Chart from TradingView

Ripple price analysis
Looking at the chart, the price is clearly in a bearish zone below the $0.5300 level. If sellers continue to go into action, there is even a chance that the Ripple price will re-test support levels at $0.5100. On the other hand, the broken support at $0.5350 and the 100-hour SMA should act as resistance. The MACD is now back in the declining zone. The RSI is now close to oversold conditions, so sales pressure may ease somewhat in the future. The highest support level is $0.5100, while the resistance is $0.5350.

Bitcoin Cash and Ripple – Price Analysis

Bitcoin failed to overcome the resistance at $6,800 in its third attempt
Price bounced off resistance and could test support levels at $6,670 during the day
On the 4-hour chart, Bitcoin remains in a bearish channel.
Technical indicators Signals
The 100 SMA is below the longer-term 200 SMA to show that the path of least resistance leads down. The moving averages thus signal that there is sales pressure and that the Bitcoin price could rise towards support levels in the near future. As the resistance stands at $6,800, the price may fall during the day. The bearish channel on the 4-hour chart continues to be active. The channel resistance is amplified by the 100 SMA, so a strong upward movement is necessary to overcome it.

resistance leads down

The RSI confirms the possibility of sales pressure, as it is slightly downward. Interestingly, the RSI has not risen above the 64 level since May 28 (4-hour chart). At the moment we are at 60.8 and judging by the oscillator, it is possible that it will drop to the support level of 54. June 23 may be decisive as the price may approach significantly the channel resistance assuming that the price moves between $6,630 – $6,780 at the current level. Furthermore, the RSI seems to be approaching a triangle formation on 23.06 and could break out. It is also important to keep an eye on the descending channel.

Bitcoin Chart from TradingView

market factors
Yesterday’s headline was the hack from the South Korean crypto currency exchange Bithumb. Although the sum that was stolen „only“ accounts for ten percent of last year’s turnover, another and now third hack by Bithumb in 2018 led to negative headlines and thus harms the legitimacy of the crypto currencies. Charlie Lee described the situation perfectly by tweeting: „A new day, a new hack“.

In addition, Tether had tried to refute the accusations of market manipulation with the following report: Bitcoin course manipulation by tether? Report proves stock coverage

Ethereum Prize Highlights
The Ether price found strong support at $525 and recovered against the US dollar.
Yesterday’s highlighted major bullish trend line with support at $518 is intact on the hourly chart
Ether could recover and target a new high at $545
Technical indicators Signals
After a downward correction below $530, the price found support against the US dollar. The price tested the $520-525 support zone. The most important thing was that the price could hold above $520 and the 100 hours SMA. A new rally was launched and the price climbed above the $530 resistance level. Right now, the price is trading near a large resistance zone testing the $545 level. On the downside, yesterday’s highlighted major bullish trend line is intact with support at $518 on the hourly chart. Before the trend line, the $525 support and the 100-hour SMA could prevent further losses.


Ethereum Chart from TradingView

Ethereum price analysis
Looking at the chart, the price trades with a positive direction above $530. A break above the $548 high could put pressure on sellers and ETH could jump over the $555 mark. The MACD has moved back into the bullish zone. The RSI is now back above the 55 mark and signals a slight buyer market. The highest support level is $518, while the resistance is $548.

Ripple Price Highlights
Ripple remained above support at $0.5250 and recovered against the US dollar
A crucial bullish channel is forming on the hourly chart, with support at $0.5380
XRP is currently on an uptrend and may approach the resistance at $0.5500
Technical indicators Signals
There was a recent downward movement below $0.5300. XRP was trading towards the $0.5250 support where buyers appeared. The price recovered from the $0.5250 support and climbed back above the resistance of $0.5300. The price is currently trading just below the resistance of $0.5500, which is an