SCRATS: The Funniest Meme Coin in Crypto!

• Scrats Meme Coin is a TRON blockchain-based project that combines humor with advanced technology to create an unforgettable experience.
• Justin Sun’s commitment to listing meme coins for free on exchanges has increased confidence in the project.
• SCRATS tokens have a token-burning mechanism and the team aims to launch a coin with its own specialized blockchain for further expansion of the ecosystem.

About SCRATS Token

TOKEN SCRATS combines charm and humor with advanced TRON blockchain technology. Combining these elements, the project aims to create a unique and unforgettable experience with a meme coin that stands out in the cryptocurrency community. Justin Sun supports meme coins on the TRON blockchain, as expressed in his post, which has further strengthened confidence in the project. His commitment to listing meme coins for free on exchanges such as Huobi and Poloniex is perfect for achieving recognition, visibility, and accessibility for SCRATS. The next step will be listing on P2B and Mexc or Bitmart. And this is just the beginning. Negotiations on the project’s listing on other exchanges are ongoing.

Token Burning Mechanism

To ensure SCRATS’s long-term value and sustainability, the team has implemented a token-burning mechanism. Every quarter, a portion of the SCRATS tokens held by the team will permanently remove from circulation, reducing the overall supply. The initiative is transparently shares with the community, showcasing a dedication to upholding a robust token economy.

Listing On Exchanges

The ultimate goal is to launch a coin with its own specialized blockchain so it can expand its capabilities of their ecosystem further extend its functionality and provide solid foundation for future development and innovation . This will also allow us to expand capabilities of Scrats tokens including listing them on different exchanges like P2B ,Mexc or Bitmart .

Participation In Listing On P2b Exchange

Participate in the listing on P2B exchange , which starts on August 14! This step will help achieve recognition , visibility and accessibility of Scarts Tokens all over world .


SCRATS Meme Coins Will Become One Of The Most Famous Meme Coins due to their innovative approach towards combining humour with advanced technology ,token burning mechanism & Justin sun’s support . Participate in upcoming listing exchange event & get ready for world fame !