Software & Ethereum Mining Guide

When the hardware is ready, the right software has to be installed. Mining is possible with both Windows and Linux. Linux even offers the operating system EthOs, which is specially designed for Ethereum Mining. However, it costs. No matter which operating system is used, first you need the program Geth from the Etherum website and an Ethereum Wallet, because after all the dug Ethereum tokens have to go somewhere. The program Geth is a client and establishes the contact to the blockchain. Then the program Eth-Miner has to be installed.

Ethereum Mining Guide To install Eth-Miner correctly, you have to deal with the command line. The input „geth -help“ can give valuable hints in case of doubt. For the installation you have to create an account. To do this, enter the command „geth account new“. After entering the password, the blockchain synchronizes itself with the computer. With the command „geth -rpc -syncmode=fast -cache=1024 console“ the program downloads only the header of the blockchain, not the whole chain. This is much faster.

What are the differences between Ethereum code and Bitcoin Mining?

Bitcoin Mining uses ASIC’s first and foremost This is special hardware for mining, the abbreviation stands for Application Specific Integrated Circuits. This is particularly powerful and Bitcoin’s mining can no longer be mastered in any other way. The requirements to mine Bitcoin are much higher than with Ethereum, which is why the hardware costs a lot more. With Ethereum’s GPU Mining, getting started is a bit easier. Nevertheless, you usually need an Ethereum Mining Pool or a Cloud to make the purchase of the hardware worthwhile.

Ethereum Mining – Cloud Mining or Bitcoin revolution?

If the costs for mining are still too high, then you should join forces with other computers like This distributes the load among each other. There are two options for this: cloud & pool mining. On Etherchain there is a list of current pools, the biggest one at the moment is Ethermine. The pool has the advantage that the hashrate of all participants is bundled, which increases the probability for a successfully excavated block. The yields are thus more even, but on the other hand you share them with the others.

For most people who can’t afford multiple GPUs, pool mining is the only way to earn money as a miner. If there is a lack of hardware, cloud mining is the best option. External service providers make the hardware available. For a fee they mine the hardware for an ethereum. The proceeds are then paid out to the wallet at regular intervals.


Ethereum Mining is a slightly cheaper alternative to Bitcoin Mining. With several graphics cards, a mining pool or the cloud you can mine Ethereum on the side. Thus the interested person can build up a passive income. Whether it pays off, you can find out with an Ethereum Mining Calculator.