XRP Price Soars: Analyst Predicts Insane Rally to $18!

• Ripple (XRP) had a significant price surge from $0.47 to $0.72, due to its legal victory against the SEC.
• Market analyst Johnaldinioh predicts a rollercoaster ride for XRP with several value dips and pumps, reaching as high as $18.
• Reactions to the forecast range from optimistic agreement to skepticism.

Ripple’s Recent Legal Victory

Ripple’s recent legal victory against the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) resulted in XRP being officially recognized as a non-security, which caused a price surge from $0.47 to $0.72 in two days.

Analyst Predicts Rollercoaster Ride

Market analyst Johnaldinioh has predicted that XRP might experience a rollercoaster ride of several value dips and pumps over the coming weeks or months ahead, potentially reaching as high as $18 in the future.

Reactions To Forecast

The reactions to John’s forecast have been varied, ranging from optimism and agreement to skepticism about its accuracy or potential reach on the market.

Dip To $0.52 Before Pump To $4.30?

John’s prediction starts with XRP’s value taking a plunge to around $0.52 before making an exhilarating ascent up again – this time up to around $4.30 according to his analysis – based on repetitive historical patterns on XRP’s daily chart .

Possible Peaks & Valleys Ahead

The analyst also forecasts another valley in XRP’s journey, with the price retracting from around the peak of $4.30 down to around 1$, followed by a rebound back up again – potentially reaching as high as 18$.